Easy Tips To Be Better Prepared  for End-of-Year Small Business Tax Return

By SabrinasAdminServices.com

Stop making your new year so stressful!  Prepare Now to Ease the Stress later.

During the week between the Christmas and New Years, Pull out all the receipts and any other files from last year and store them into a long-term storage box or cabinet.

Gather vendor bills and ensure that you have them in one folder.

For customer paid invoices, gather up all the invoices and group by the client name if needed.

Current Year Payroll papers should be swapped out, and a new binder created for the new year. Learn More by Visiting our How to Create a Well-organized Small Business Binder

Now that you took all the papers out and stored them in your long-term storage,  you can take out only the tax paperwork needed for your accountant and place them in a portable accordion folder. 

Review the Receipt folders you have, does your system work well. Are they divided into categories?

Now, pull and organize all the receipts for your Credit Card Statements! Learn how below.

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