NEW Facebook Slideshow Advertising Feature To Attract New Fans

NEW Facebook Slideshow Advertising Feature To Attract New Fans

I don’t normally get excited about advertising. I sometimes think it is a necessary evil. But, this new Facebook Slideshow advertising was actually fun to do. It is easy to do too.

Brief background information on Facebook Slideshow ads:

  • You have 15 seconds which is equivalent to 7 images. You can add music, add transitions, and adjust the image duration.
  • Facebook Slideshow shares timeline or uploaded images as your ad.
  • They said it can be viewed on low bandwidth devices as well.

Here is what the Facebook Slideshow steps look like.

pick your slides

First, you can pick the way it is displayed. Aspect ratio section includes original, square, or rectangle.

Tip: If you select square or rectangle, be sure to watch the video every time you add a new slide to make sure hasn’t cut off any words or image that may take away from the story you want to tell.

The image duration is how fast the slides will go by. It’s the pauses so people can see the slide.

Tip: If you have text in your slides, make the image duration is a little longer.

The transition section is if you want it to fade in and out between slides.

Tip: This gives a cohesive look to the video. I love to add transitions. It gives the slideshow a spark of excitement.

And, the music section, has some great sounds.

Tip: Watch the video without sound. Make sure it looks good without sound. People will probably watch the video without sound. Then, add sound to the slideshow to help bring the sound in alignment to the slideshow. If you add the sound right away, it can skew your perceptive of the video.

pick your pictures from suggestions

And, when you add the photos for the slide show, check out the suggested photos. These images are the ones Facebook thinks would work best. Some work but some didn’t on my selection so I suggest checking out your other photos.

slide show up to 15 secs with low bandwidth

After you add your images, it looks like this. Again, add music after you have all your slides added and you have watched the video a few times.

What do you think? I plan on making a custom slide for the last image. Sorry, I couldn’t show the entire video because it is an ad but hopefully, this gives you a good idea of how this advertising feature works.

If you want to read more about Facebook slideshow ads, check out their page: “Facebook Slideshow

If you need help with ads on Facebook, check out my Social Media Marketing Services page.

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12 Questions To Ask Before Posting On Your Company’s Social Media Page

12 Questions To Ask Before Posting

Nowadays, we share many different posts on social media. We could be sharing, promotions for our business, posts from other influencers, industry content. But, what type of content are you sharing and is the content worthy of your audience?

Having a focus before posting will make your social media page more cohesive. Go through these questions when you decide to post, it will result in a more professional page.

Here are 12 questions to ask before posting on your company page:

Remember to be honest with yourself while answering these questions.

Grey Scroll

Questions to ask yourself about the post you want to share: 

Does it relate to my business page? Some content should be posted on your business page.  Determining what you want to post will help you weed out what isn’t appropriate.

Is this post shareable?  Are you permitted to share it?

What type of content do I want to share? The post could be content that would make the audience happy, funny, sad, beautiful, or inspiring.

Is the post text or shared article too short or is it too long? Will it take the audience a long time or a short time to read?  Stick with less text but straight and to the point.

Why do I want to share this? Decide on why you want to share this content.  Will it give them a better understanding of your business? Will it show that your business knowledgeable?

Will it spark a conversation? Ending with a call to action will help the reader know what you want them to do.  It could be as simple as “Do you agree?” or “What do you think?” Try to make the question open-ended.

Would I email this post to a friend? Usually if you email something to a person, you really do want them to see it because you are excited about it.

Would I love to see this post on the front of any major newspaper? If you answer yes to this question, you are most like excited about the content even if it’s someone else’s content.

What do I expect my audience to do with the post? Some examples are: click to read the post you shared, view the shared photo, watch the video shared, like your post you shared, comment on a post, share the post.

Grey Scroll

These questions are more about your audience than your social media page.

Questions to ask yourself about your audience:

What type of posts does my audience respond to?

Will the content excite my audience to share?

How would my audience feel when they see this post on my social media page?

Visit the Insight sections on your Facebook page or other pages will give you some guidance on who your audience is and what they have liked in the past.

I hope this helps your company’s social media page get more engagement. Do have any questions you would add? Please leave a comment below.

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25 Tasks A Virtual Assistant Can Do For Your Small Business

25 Tasks A Virtual Assistant Can Do For Your Small Business

Many small businesses are so comfortable doing tasks on their own. But as their business grows, they may want to get help but don’t know what they can hand off to a Virtual Assistant.

To help small businesses figure out what tasks they need help with, I compiled 25 task examples a virtual assistant can do.  

  1. Research industry social media post options

  2. Compile and clean up contact lists

  3. Set up layout of Newsletter

  4. Create, Edit, and Publish Newsletter

  5. Maintain the backend of the website

  6. Publish and edit posts for the website

  7. Create logo images

  8. Create images for website posts

  9. Create images for publications

  10. Create information packets

  11. Set up content for an e-book

  12. Proofread / edit other material

  13. Design forms for clients and employees

  14. Create checklists for employee use

  15. Write up policy information for employees

  16. Help with online webinars

  17. Transcribe notes from recording or dictation

  18. Manage incoming general e-mails

  19. Write or edit promotional copies for printing or the web

  20. Add SEO optimization to existing blog posts

  21. Updated and review banking transactions

  22. Reconcile bank accounts

  23. Go through A/R receipts

  24. Invoice clients and schedule bills for company

  25. Help manage a calendar or appointment

25 task examples a virtual assistant can do for you

Benefits of having a virtual assistant:

  1. Freeing up time for other tasks.

  2. Freeing up your mind so you can focus on other more pressing tasks.

  3. Having someone be a backup for your tasks.

I hope this gives you some ideas on what a VA can do for you.  Let’s continue the conversation. Is there any task you can add to this list? What do you use a VA for?  Please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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10 Home Office Hacks For Better Productivity In Your Small Business

10 Home Office Hacks For Better Productivity In Your Small Business

Many small businesses I work with have a home office.  This space is used full time and sometimes used on a part-time basis. But, however long they use this space, it is important that it is a productive and effective space for their small business.

Here are 10 home office hacks for better productivity in your small business:

  1. Find homes for all your “want and need to keep” papers. This could be papers that are on your desk for research, papers in your files for longer term storage, and even temporary papers.
  2. Create a separate filing system for your personal files and your business files. Keeping your personal and business files separated makes it clear in your mind what each area is used for. It also helps with giving others direction when you hire someone to assist you.
  3. Have at last one or two locked filing drawers or cabinets. Buying a cabinet that has a locked cabinet makes your office feel more secure.  This is especially helpful if your office is shared by other people.  You can rest assure that your space is not being compromised.
  4. Label all your files and bins.  Assigning names to the different files and bins will help you remember where everything goes. Pick colorful and attractive labels so you draw your eye to those labels.
  5. Create different task areas in your home office.  You should have an office supplies area, an incoming mail area, a computer area, an area to help with crafting new ideas, and a printing area that holds supplies. These areas help define your home office.
  6. Have your books organized by topics like marketing, bookkeeping, entertainment, etc… Quick access to reference books will save you time and help you get back to creating.
  7. Have your personal memorabilia stored away or displayed in certain areas. Just because it is your home office, doesn’t mean your space has to be cluttered with personal items.  Only keep a few of your most treasured items on shelves or bookcases.  Cluttering up the space may distract you to create. Remember, beautiful memories are great but if you want to move forward, you have to stop looking back.
  8. If you have a small space, think of creative ways to add your stuff and supplies.  Vertical space works great for small areas. Floating shelves and floor to ceiling bookshelves works great for storing items you need more frequently.
  9. Have a calendar system that works for you. It can be paper or electronic, large or small, basically, anything that will give you the area to jot down everything you need.
  10. Make your digital files a hardworking machine. Make sure your digital files are setup for easy accessibility.  Where are all your images?  Are they in one area? Where are all your images for posts?  Where are all your client files? Having files all in one location without subdirectories may be more time consuming when you are looking for a file. Reviewing your digital files and creating a documented system will help you see the downfalls and the areas that are working.

By using these hacks to get your office in tip top productive shape, you will be more effective in your day to day activities. And, putting them into effect sooner than later will save you time and hopefully, help you make more money. What is your favorite home office tip? Please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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How to combat procrastination in the summer for your small business

How to combat procrastination in the summer

It’s OK to have a little procrastination in the summer. After all, we are busy enjoying ourselves. Spending time taking vacations and enjoying the outdoors. It should be a fun time.  However, since the vast majority of people are slowing down, making your summer be more productive can be a good thing.

Here are 8 ways to help you combat procrastination in the summer for your small business.

  1. Leave white space on your calendar. Schedule enough time between appointments. Adding time between appointments will give you time between activities for quick unscheduled tasks that need to be done.

  2. Make your digital calendar’s recurring option your new best friend. Go through your calendar and add tasks that you do on a weekly or monthly basis to your calendar.

  3. Start early in the morning. Finish early in the afternoon. The sun rises early over the summer so why not take advantage of it. Do exercise while deciding what needs to be done that day.

  4. Keep distractions to a minimum. Distractions can really hinder your productivity throughout the day. Try turning OFF your phone and closing your email manager on your computer while working on the various tasks in the morning.

  5. Delegate more. Look for virtual assistants to help you get things done.  Creating a list of easy to do tasks they can help you with will make the process of handing off easier.  Think of the tasks that you do on a daily or weekly basis. These tasks should be the easy no brainer tasks.  You know, the ones you do automatically.  Some examples of tasks are adding posts to your social media pages, reviewing website content for legibility, researching content for post topics, updating checkbook transactions, etc…  Since they are easier for you to explain, you will be able to manage them and be able to explain what your expectations are.

  6. Minimize your stress. Play music while working on the creative project.  Making the creative process more enjoyable will help you reduce stress.

  7. Prep your larger projects for the week, the Friday before. Split out the different steps assigning only one or two each day. By the end of the week, you will have finished the project with little frustration.

  8. Schedule time to daydream. Doing things day in and day out is called busy work. By taking the time to daydream each week and writing down what you want your business to be in the future will help you see the direction it needs to go in and what the next steps are.

I hope this helps you stay motivated this summer and it helps your business get back on track. Let’s continue the conversation. I would love to hear from you. What tips do you have to help you procrastinate less this summer? Please leave a comment below.

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