5 Favorite Reference Blogs and Sites

Did you ever look for information online and just get frustrated on where to go and what to look for?  There are so many reference blogs and sites on the Web that it can be overwhelming for a small business owner like yourself. Lucky for you, here are my 5 favorite reference blogs and sites.

  1. IRS.gov  for updated information on tax and payroll information. Yes, I know, you may be thinking that the IRS site is too complicated to use. Actually, it has gotten a lot better. Check it out and see for yourself.
  2. Local and state websites for tax information on updated tax laws and payroll information. They add a comment of new passed regulations and what is required on the sign in page so you can see it right away.
  3. Social media / marketing sites: There are many that I like to reference. From Hubspot to Social Media Examiner , they all have different ideas and tips to help me make my small business better.
  4. YouTube: If you are like me, a visual and auditory learner, YouTube is a great place to get information and help gather them all in one place.
  5. To get inspiration and discover new topics, I like to use Stumbleupon and Bloglovin. Both show different types of blogs. These blog aggregators help me when I need to research a topic or need inspiration to create a new blog post. Many times, just reading other blogs and news sites help me determine what I want to write.

Tip: Make a list of “go to” reference sites. This way, when you need it, you have it at your figure tips. Add links and what to look for on that site. Better yet, go on to your browser and to each of your reference sites and save them under favorites on your browser. Display the button at the top or front of the home page.

Here is a spreadsheet to use for your reference sites list.

Reference Sites List

The World Wide Web is so vast that it can be overwhelming to find information. By creating a list of reference sites will give you direction on where to go and help you focus and zoom in on what you are looking for.

Please share with other small business owners.


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